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You’re invited to join the ePayroll Partner Program

an automated, intuitive and streamlined payroll
management system that saves time and increases
capacity for billable activities.

The initiative is particularly timely in anticipation of
the major disruption that STP will cause to SME payroll management (and corresponding opportunity to offer a solution to this increasingly buoyant sector).

 Partner benefits: 

  • Automated, intuitive and streamlined
  • Provides a complete payroll managed service
  • Seamless integration with leading GLs (not just an add-on to GL)
  • New and higher margin service oppotunities
  • Reduced risk/ STP compliant
  • Reporting designed to support APES320 compliance
  • Low-cost pricing structure and easy-to-use

Partner programs

Choose whether you’d prefer to manage clients’ payroll internally, or spot & refer to ePayroll to oversee on your behalf:

Direct management model


  • Manage your client’s payroll directly 
  • Brand the ePayroll software with your firm’s logo (white labelled) 
  • From $3.50 + GST/ employee/ month
  • Run your firm’s payroll on ePayroll free-of-charge
  • 1-month free trial 
  • Support and training 
  • Client-centric marketing and support collateral

The right fit for firms that are focussed on evolving client relationships directly and are invested in their branding/ firms identity:


Spot & refer model

  • Introduce your clients to ePayroll and receive the spot & refer rebate. We’ll then oversee the payroll on your behalf for the client.
  • 20% rebate on net subscriptions fees 
  • 1-month free trial 
  • Support and training 
  • Client-centric marketing and support collateral

The right fit for firms that are focussed on providing service extensions to clients, but aren’t in the position to implement a payroll solution directly:

Automated, streamlined process

The ePayroll advantage

ePayroll is the leading online payroll platform for SMEs nationwide. The custom platform has a 16-year track record of  making payroll smart, and simple.


Since 2002, ePayroll has been providing a best practice payment
process platform for businesses of all sizes, nationwide.


ePayroll is a streamlined payroll solution that utilises custom designed, fully- automated, intuitive technology.


The ePayroll platform enables complete control of payroll-related compliance obligations including Single Touch Payroll.


ePayroll has a 91% satisfaction rating, with clients defining the platform as reliable,’ ‘useful,’ ‘good value’ and ‘high quality.’

ePayroll is extremely economical and easy-to-use at all stages of payroll processing.



ePayroll reporting helps your firm comply with your APES320 requirements.

ePayroll seamlessly integrates with leading GLs (it is not just an add-on to GL). ePayroll also allows direct access to complementary ePayroll solutions,including Time and Attendance plus Award Interpretation.


Be ahead of STP with ePayroll

On 1 July 2019, the Australian
Taxation Office estimates that

From this pool of small and micro-businesses, about

Many clients face an additional challenge, with an estimated




employers with 19 staff or less will need to begin STP reporting

are not yet managing their payroll with payroll software 

Source: ATO Single Touch Payroll Small Business Pilot

Make payroll simple.


t: 1800 372 976       



having little or no digital experience 

ePayroll: embraced by DELOITTE PRIVATE. 
“I would absolutely, definitely recommend ePayroll to any firm looking for a provider. While our clients have high expectations, we are always comfortable that what the system is doing is right.”

Richard Ogden, Deloitte Private




STP is changing the payroll management of landscape. Are you ready to become the SME payroll management partner of choice?

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